I have much enjoyed working in close partnership with Parke Muth in my capacity as President of University of Virginia Club Beijing over the past four academic years, and watching the tremendous growth UVa has achieved in China where Parke has played a vital role. He built great personal relationships and trust with numerous students, parents, alumni, professors and other partners. Furthermore, Parke serves as a great bridge and "conductor", as he never hesitates to use his network to help students or the University in every possible way. To hundreds of students and young alumni, Parke is their very trusted coach, mentor, cheerleader, career counselor, and personal advisor. I'm profoundly impressed by his great dedication to and genuine passion in students and the University. So many of us will agree that Parke's contribution over here is simply strategic and historic.

Jerry Zhiyuan PENG, Darden 03

President, University of Virginia Club Beijing

Member of alumni board of directors and global advisory council, UVa's Darden Graduate School of Business

Managing Director, Goldman Sachs (Asia)

I graduated from the University of Virginia in 1999 and the University of Virginia School of Law in 2004 and to this day, Parke Muth changes my life. The confidence and strength Parke fosters, is why i believe I work next to some of America's greatest leaders in foreign policy and global energy solutions, to this very day.

Bringing Parke's advisory strategies to shape your future is far more than a gateway to academic success. Sure he has mastered the art of college admission for students across the world, but the secret is to take his advice far beyond the milestones of getting into college. I can only wish to afford the privilege of his services for my own children.

Maneeza Hossain

Managing Director, ODGroup

Senior fellow at Hudson Institute

My name is Kang Kang. I am a second year student at the University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce. I am from Chengdu China.

I applied to many schools in the U.S. because of my strong academic and extracurricular record. For example I was honored to be chosen among many thousands to be an Olympic torchbearer for the Beijing Olympics.

The first time I met Mr. Muth was in Chengdu, during the summer before I left for the U.S. to attend UVa. In coming to Chengdu, he gave me the impression that the University creates an open, welcoming atmosphere for international students.

In many ways, Mr. Muth has shown that he deeply cares about international students and their quality of life at the university. On weekends he would often invite international students to dinner in order to get to know them in a more casual setting. He would listen to students’ thoughts regarding their experiences at UVa and offer advice for problems in all aspects of their lives.

After I arrived in Charlottesville, Mr. Muth took me and many other students to dinner or coffee every so often, making sure that my transition to life in the U.S. and at UVa was going smoothly. For me, he is not only a teacher, but also a very good friend. I invited him to watch me compete in the University Entrepreneurship Cup, as well as to some of my basketball games. I have also asked him for advice in many aspects of my life, as his many years of experience make him a good person to turn to for academic and career-related ideas and suggestions.

When I applied to the McIntire School of Commerce, The second ranked business school in the U.S., he sacrificed his own time to proofread my essays and guided me through the process. He did this at no cost, but simply because he wished to see me succeed. Afterwards, when I was invited by firms to interview for internships, he ran me through mock interviews, giving me the opportunity to practice and perfect my presentation.

Last semester, I got an externship with an investment bank in New York. On the way to the airport, Mr. Muth gave me sound advice and encouragement. Over the past two years, the support he has given has greatly helped me to learn and grow.

我叫康康,现就读于弗吉尼亚大学商学院。我第一次遇见Mr.Muth是在成都,在我离开去美国之前的暑假。能够在去学校之前的暑假见到Mr.Muth让我感觉到了学校对国际学生的欢迎。Mr.Muth对中国学生非常地关心和照顾。很多时候在周末他都会请学生去吃晚餐,通过这样更加随意的方式来了解他们的生活,并为他们遇到的困难提供很好的建议与帮助。来到学校之后,Mr.Muth邀请我去吃晚饭,有时也会在下午去咖啡馆闲聊。就在这些接触的过程中,我和Mr.Muth成了无话不说的朋友。在我眼里,他不仅是为很好的老师,也是很好的朋友。我会邀请他去看我参加学校的创业比赛,去看我打球,甚至生活中的很多问题我也会来征求他的意见。在学习和就业问题上,他的多年的阅历让他成为一位很好的咨询对象。在今年申请商学院时,Mr.Muth就给了我很大的帮助。在看过我的申请文章后,他给了我很多建设性的意见,最终帮助我成功获得商学院的录取。在就业问题上,他也为我提供了很多有用的意见。在接到投行的面试后,Mr.Muth就开始为我做mock interviews,在实战的过程中找出我的问题并给我提出很好的修改意见。还有一次我在去纽约参加一个externship,Mr.Muth在送我去机场的路上就给了我很多的建议,并且一直不断地鼓励着我。2年来,Mr.Muth对我的帮助无微不至,也让我不断成长。

Kang Kang

University of Virginia student

Echols Scholar, McIntire School of Commerce, Class of 2013

Parke Muth is more than a college admissions counselor. As a scholar and administrator at the University of Virginia for three decades, he is intimately familiar with the inner workings of U.S. universities. Muth challenges students to become creatively involved in their search for the right college, to write and to read better, and thus to be confident and engaged on their first day on campus.

Herbert Tico Braun

Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, History

Goldsmith Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanites, 1996-1999

Mónica Vaca Award, Outstanding Faculty Member, La Sociedad Hispánica, 1995

All-University Outstanding Teaching Award, University of Virginia, 1992

I can never forget the first time Parke reached out to me after he received my application to the University of Virginia and provided me with the very encouragement I needed as a writer and a frightened teenager. His interest in me made my decision to attend UVa a very personal one. Words cannot adequately depict the care and compassion Parke puts into his work. I speak from personal experience when I say that my life at UVa would have been entirely different if Parke had not been there from day one. And this experience is not unique to me. I know I speak for many students whose lives have been forever altered because of Parke. He has always been there for me in times of need and is always there to offer thoughtful solutions and assistance to my problems. I think the world lacks people who are as sincerely outspoken as Parke and I know I always appreciate his opinions, and truly value his presence in my life.

Sandra Hu

University of Virginia, Class of 2013

Cheltenham Ladies College 2008

I have known Parke for many years. He has been a strong supporter of our Polo team. His network of contacts around the world helped to get the word out about our facilities and commitment to excellence in and out of the classroom. He has shown up for many of our matches and has personally met with the star players and families when they have first visited our university as prospective students. His ability to match students with the right school is demonstrated by the photo enclosed. Two thirds of this year’s national championship men’s team came as a result of his recruiting. These boys have performed well academically, as well as athletically. They are excellent representatives of this fine University.

Louis J. Lopez Jr.

Head Coach & General Manager

2012 Men’s and Women’s National Champions

Virginia Polo Center

I have had both the pleasure and the honor to know Parke Muth from his early days as a scholarship poetry writing candidate all the way through his highly successful career as a Dean in the Undergraduate Office of Admission. Whether as a scholar, student leader or dean, Parke always has been an intelligent, worldly and honest advisor to friends and students alike. But above all, it is Parke's expert knowledge of Asia in general, and China in particular, that sets him apart among US educational professionals. In fact, Parke's first trip to China in 1988 is partially responsible for my family living in Hong Kong today.

Mark Baughan

There are not many men who effortlessly and instantly impress students, parents, colleagues, and scholars alike with their experience and passion, but Parke Muth is one of them. It’s hard to miss his resonating passion for guiding students on their journey into their desired colleges. With over 28 years of experience in the admissions process, he has acquired an outstanding level of expertise with editing essays, advising, and mentoring students.

I have known Parke Muth for over fifteen years and I can sincerely say he is one of the most thoughtful men I have met. I have many memories of sitting at his kitchen table discussing essays and unique projects applicants did to help them get noticed. His many years of experience have given him a distinctive knowledge of the do’s and don’ts and in’s and outs of the admissions process. His credentials and integrity surpass anyone’s expectations.

As such, Parke was able to strategically help me communicate with admissions offices and I am now attending the college of my choice. He was kind, accepting, and patient as he worked with me over the course of a couple months. When Mr. Muth works with you, he helps you in a way that is easy to understand the x, y, and z needed to attain a goal. He helped me take my admissions essay to the next level – he is an expert with editing and analyzing essays. This can be seen in his article where he describes the bad, the good, and the risky essay in terms of fast food. This article is, in my opinion, some of the best information about college essays found on the Internet. Mr. Muth also helped me brainstorm ideas of unique projects – he knows very well what has been done and what can be done to catch an admission officer’s eye.

Anyone who seeks his consultation will not be disappointed. The best way I can describe him is with the moniker of the Admissions Guru. He has a genuine love for knowledge and understanding. But beyond that, he pushes one towards self-improvement and success with his knowledge extending to clubs, organizations, and career paths.

Not only does Mr. Muth have an ability to see the big picture and the ‘why’, but he also has a comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of the college process.

Mr. Muth has a genuine love of working with students and I highly recommend him.

Olivia Beavers

University of Virginia student, Class of 2015

As the Associate Dean of Admissions and Director of International Admission at the University of Virginia, Parke Muth spent 30 years interacting with and assisting students from all parts of the world. His skill as an evaluator of written material is internationally recognized by academicians and by students who have been fortunate enough to have benefited from his expertise.

Parke’s personality blends intellectual and analytical abilities with trustworthiness, an easy-going manner, and an ever-ready sense of humor. He has always been committed to the success of each individual student in reaching his or her maximum potential. His approach to helping people attain their goals has endeared him to his colleagues, parents, and innumerable college students for many years.

As someone whose career has also been devoted to working with college-age students, I can’t imagine a smarter, kinder, and more qualified person to assist young people as they strive to attain their college admission goals.

Michael Mallory, Executive Director

Ron Brown Scholar Program - Engaged in Leadership, Thought and Action

To many, an American education means a recognizable degree. However, Parke taught me that it is something more - an American education means a global network of friends. He made me realize that education goes beyond getting a 4.0 GPA and learning goes beyond listening to professors. The best way to learn and grow is to connect with people in meaningful ways. And this is called networking. School taught me hard skills to excel at my job and Parke taught me soft skills (i.e. networking skills) to excel in life. Parke is a true connector. He has a strong passion to bring bright minds together and I personally benefited from this. He knew about my interest in healthcare in Asia and personally introduced me to the school's former provost who is heading a medical program called Grand-Aides and connected me to international students in Asia whose families are in the same industry. Parke's desire to help his students is truly admirable. He is a great mentor and friend!

Yu Huang (Jamie)

McIntire School of Commerce 2012

Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity

Alpha Kappa Psi - "Shaping People, Shaping Business"

I have met few individuals with the combination of experience, skill, and expertise that Parke Muth offers. He is the quintessential guide who will help you navigate the intricate maze that is college admissions.

One of his particular strengths is the area of college admissions essays. I have had the distinct honor of having him read over some of my own essays; what he did to them was simply amazing, transforming my flavorless, monotone essays into blooming, colorful masterpieces.

An area of college admissions that people usually fail to address sufficiently is the “personal touch,” and Parke simply excels in this area. He taught me the “softer” side of college admissions, walking me through ways to engage admissions officers, how to act boldly but effectively, and how to attract attention outside of my application that could enhance it. The fact is that admissions to top schools is becoming more competitive each year; it is getting harder for admissions officers to sift through the many excellent applicants, sometimes to make your application stand out from thousands of other equally outstanding applicants, you need to add an extra touch to it, attaching a genuine face and voice to your application that admissions officers will unlikely forget, or soliciting the appropriate people to speak on your behalf. Parke is a master at this “softer side” of college admissions, having taught me ways to leave a good impression and ways through which I could solicit someone’s help.

Having had the honor of knowing him for four years, I feel genuinely privileged to call him my knowledgeable teacher, my insightful instructor, and most importantly, my trustworthy friend. I have confidence that anyone who is fortunate enough to share his company will echo these thoughts.

Aoxing Zhao

I have known and worked with Parke Muth for twenty-five years in my capacity as president of the Jefferson Scholars Foundation. He has become internationally recognized as the expert on collegiate application essay writing and single-handedly built the University of Virginia’s very successful international recruiting program. The number of students he has helped successfully manage the transition from high school to college must be in the thousands.

Jimmy Wright

President Jefferson Scholars Foundation

University of Virginia

Parke and I have been friends since our days together as undergraduates at Virginia but I only saw first hand his enormous professional talent when my first daughter applied to Virginia. He was remarkably persuasive in convincing her to attend and has since been a wonderful mentor and advisor to both of my daughters and has opened many opportunities for them. He has a unique gift for understanding students and their goals as well as the demands of academic life, and he is committed to their continuing welfare. His new consulting venture will leverage his prescient insight into students and their talents and his nearly unmatched insight into the varying strengths of the major academic communities in the U.S. Families who consult with Parke will find his strategic insight into the college admissions process to be thoughtful and informed and dedicated to the best interest of their child.

Frank M. (Rusty) Conner III

Managing Partner, Washington D.C.

Parke has been an extraordinary mentor over the past four years. When faced with academic or personal questions, I have consistently turned to Parke for his thoughtful, honest, and compassionate advice, and have come to regard him and his wisdom as a vital presence in my life. He has a profound gift of being able to connect easily--and yet substantially--with students of all backgrounds and nationalities, as evidenced by his extensive, worldwide network of UVA students past and present. With an ever-present cup of coffee in his hand, Parke has truly helped me navigate the trials and tribulations of life in a large university, and I will always consider him a teacher, mentor, and friend.

Isabelle Conner

University of Virginia student

Echols Scholar, Class of 2013

I have known Parke for three years, and early on I recognized his presence within the University community, as well as his ability to unite international students and U.S. students alike. When speaking of Parke, all students agree that he creates connections among students which make the vast world and its many cultures much more integrated.

Cynthia (CeCe) Conner

University of Virginia student, Class of 2014